Dark Wings


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This is an RPG in a Dark Fantasy universe. Discover a world full of despair where murder and theft, are commonplace. Your choices will influence your skills as well as the course of the story. Choose your style of play and try to escape from this hell.



You are the hero of the kingdom of Eien, you are liked and adored by all the inhabitants of the kingdom, and you are about to marry your beloved. But everything changes the day you are accused of killing one of the wise men of the council. You are sent into exile in another world and your only way out is to kill the 7 legendary dragons. Trust is a rare thing in this world of darkness, nations, environments, and creatures of this world will have no mercy for you. But the greatest danger you will face is your own madness.

Will you fulfill your revenge? Will you fall into madness? Will your wings become dark?





Brazier is an archangel and master swordsman. A former resident of the kingdom of Eien. He had become a great hero beloved by all, vigilantly defending the realm from danger. But it all stopped the day he was banished to a world full of desolation. Abandoning his powers and now filled with vengeful rage towards those who had once helped him, he seeks a way out of the world of Ebram to fulfill his revenge.


Shira is a shy, insecure young woman. Mastering the ice and having a strong resemblance to her mother, she lived with her Sister Zira before this one gets killed. Devastated by the murder of her sister she decided to take her mother’s old katana and leave with Brazier to forget her past and become a renown swordsman.


Zira is Shira’s big sister, after the death of their mother she took care of Shira for many years. Zira is very different than her sister. She is very confident and sometimes acts impulsively. She is also very comfortable with firearms and does not hesitate to use them especially if it is to protect her sister.

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