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This is an RPG in a Dark Fantasy universe. Search for your past as well as that of this ancient land full of mystery. Face the many dangers that await you and face your dark side.



You play as Izana a young woman who has lost her memory and has blood-red eyes. You discover a barren land where all life is scarce. The world is downcast, abandoned, and desolate. The world is dominated by a being who seems to be death in person.
Hunted by the army, cutthroat murderers and terrifying creatures, you are searching for your past. But in your search, you come across the story of a former hero who seems to have already saved this world.

Where is he? Will you find it? And especially what is your past?





Young amnesiac woman in search of her past and her origins, Izana is a young woman with a troubled past. She’s a calm, confident person. Her weapon of choice seems to be a scythe and to make matters worse, she is being taught that her blood-red eyes are related to Death itself. Everything seems to be against her and she is being hunted by various organizations as well as by the army of the kingdom. Accompanied by Yoshikata, she will be in search of her past to finally restore the truth.


A woman from the shadows, part of a group of murderers, Yoshikata is a mysterious woman. She is a gambler by nature and does not hesitate to mock the army by escaping repeatedly every time she lets herself be captured. She is an elementary assassin of the shadow and can inject magic on these daggers, she has always lived by stealing and selling information to the highest bidder. She met and decided to accompany Izana so that she could help her regain her memory, because she would have aroused some interest in her.


She is the goddess of destruction, mastering fire and spear with ease, she is one of the three goddesses sowing fear and desolation in the world of Ebram.
She has a calm nature, however, if something upsets her she will not hesitate to trigger her fury to destroy everything in her path.

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